Our club does not have a rescue organization. For assistance in placing a dog, see one of the links below.
If you would like to share your life with an APBT, please consider one of the thousands of homeless dogs who are in shelters. Adult
APBTs are particularly difficult to find new homes for, but they bond to their new owners quickly and make wonderful pets.

Here are some important programs to solve the root causes
of pet neglect, abuse and overpopulation.

FREE and Low Cost spay and neuter programs in the Dallas-
Fort Worth Area.  
Visit the Metroplex Animal Coalition website (MAC) for more

Dallas residents:  
FREE spay/neuter program. Most applicants
will be approved for the program if they already receive some type of
public assistance, such as food stamps or Medicaid. Low-income pet
owners not receiving public assistance may still qualify for the
program and are encouraged to apply. For more information, call
(214) 670-8246.

Affordable spay/neuter and wellness clinics -- vaccinations,
heartworm tests, low-cost heartwork preventative, through
the SPCA clinics (3 locations):
Contact the SPCA
  • Martin Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic (near Downtown):  362
    S. Industrial Blvd.  Dallas, TX 75207 214-742-7722.
  • Village Fair Wellness clinic (south of Dallas)  4830 Village Fair
    Drive, Dallas, TX 75244 - call 214-742-7722.
  • SPCA of Texas - Perry Campus  8411 Stacy Road, McKinney,
    TX 75070 - call 214-742-7722
These programs are open to everyone and provide great

Fort Worth-area residents, please contact the Humane
Society of North Texas for information on low-cost or free
spay/neuter programs: 817-332-4768 or the
Metroplex Animal Coalition
These beautiful puppies were rescued from the local city shelter. The
employees fell in love with them and called a no-kill shelter to come pick
them up before they had to be put down for lack of space. Thousands of
healthy Pit Bulls are euthanized every year because there are not enough
homes for them all.

Please save a life by adopting a homeless adult dog or puppy.

Remind your state legislatures that breed-specific legislation diverts
resources from the programs listed on this page.
Many APBTs in
Houston still in
need from
Hurricanes Katrina
and Rita! Can you
open your heart to
a needy adult dog?
Brooklyn's Home for
Unwanted Bullies
Villalobos Rescue
The Chako Organization for the
American Pit Bull Terrier
Below are all-breed rescue sites, but many organizations, including bull breed rescue groups, post animals here for
adoption. Click on the links below and search for American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, etc.
Animal Breed Zip Code
The Lone Star State Pit Bull Club does not and has never had a club-affiliated rescue organization.  We are available for educational
programs, but we do not intake or adopt out animals, nor do we accept liability for the organizations listed above.
Click here for a list of DFW- area rescue organizations and shelters that accept Pit Bulls and Mixes.
If you need to place or would like to adopt an APBT, this list to the best of our knowledge is a good place to start.